About Us

We started JA Audio NZ Ltd at the beginning of 2006 because we realised that there were no quality in-wall, ceiling and outdoor speakers at affordable prices in the New Zealand market. We found that the JA Audio Brand speakers were doing for America and Europe what we wanted to do for New Zealand and Australia. High quality audio speakers at affordable prices. So we became the importer/distributor for New Zealand and Australia. With a great warranty and the best customer service we have continued to grow our sales and market share year on year. We believe our most valuable asset is our happy customers who buy more speakers from us and recommend our speakers to other people.

The sound quality from our products is continually tested against the competition, and we beat them every time. To keep this edge, we observe every stage of production in painstaking detail. From superior materials, design flexibility, reliability and efficiency to quality sound reproduction, we make no compromises. Moreover, we’re experts in the delivery of aesthetically pleasing products at a reasonable price. We understand what customers need from a manufacturer like JA Audio, and we make those needs our prime directive. Don’t settle for less, choose JA Audio.

All prices include GST.