Common Questions

Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

General Questions

Are your speakers as good as more expensive speakers?

The sound quality from our products is continually tested against the competition, and we beat them every time. To keep this edge, we observe every stage of production in painstaking detail. From superior materials, design flexibility, reliability and efficiency to quality sound reproduction, we make no compromises. Moreover, we’re experts in the delivery of aesthetically pleasing products at a reasonable price. We understand what customers need from a manufacturer like JA Audio, and we make those needs our prime directive. Don’t settle for less, choose JA Audio.

Why are your speakers so much cheaper than other quality brands?

Name brands are more expensive than our speakers not because they have put more money into the design, construction and testing of their speakers but to cover the costs of marketing and branding their name.
We import directly from the manufacturer in the USA. We do not have the overheads of a retail building and we sell at wholesale prices not retail prices. This all means better value for money for the buyer.

Do you have a warranty?

All our speakers and accessories come with a three year warranty. We will repair or replace your speakers without question for three years from the date of purchase. Please click on the "Warranty" link at the bottom of the page for full details.

Are your speakers used by Commercial Installers?

Yes we provide our speakers to Commercial Installers all around New Zealand. Click on our Installers tab to see if there is a JA Audio Installer in your part of New Zealand.

I don't know your brand, what if I'm not happy with them?

We know our speakers are great quality and value so we are happy to give you a full refund if you are not happy with your JA Audio products. Please click on the "Warranty" link at the bottom of the page for full details.


What size speaker should I use for Home Theatre?

Generally 6 1/2" speakers work best for home theatre in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. You're already going to be using a powered sub-woofer for your Home Theatre room and that will take care of the low, low bass sounds. A sub-woofer handles frequencies from about 120 Hz and lower and 6 1/2" speakers will produce sounds from 55-60 Hz on up (mid-range type sounds like snare drums, gun shots, and snaps and higher).
If you are going to be using your Home Theatre speakers for stereo music with the sub-woofer turned off then 8” front left and right speakers would be the best choice to give you the best experience.

How easy are these speakers to install?

Our speakers are very easy to install and they come with full installation instructions. You will need a stud finder, gib saw and a Philips screw driver for the installation. If you are not sure about installing them yourself there are many home audio contractors that would be able to install them for you.

Can I paint my speakers?

Yes. Manufacturers understand that the whole point of flush-mount speakers is to conceal their presence. In-wall and ceiling speakers are designed to be painted with the same wall-paint you use to decorate your room. Most of them actually come with a paint shield included.
The speaker grille can also be painted. Here are some steps you may want to take to achieve the best results.

1. For best results, thin out your paint a bit, or if possible, use an airbrush/spray to apply it to the surface.
2. Plan on painting at least three coats onto your speakers.
3. Be sure to spray from all angles to get those little inner edges of the speaker grill holes.
4. Those tiny holes can clog very easily if you use too much paint, or the paint is too thick. Blowing through them while the paint is still wet, or using thinned paint can usually solve that problem.

If you take your time, and take the necessary steps, you can end up with a professional result that will blend in with the wall colour, and make the source of your music virtually invisible.